Community Projects Committee (CPC)

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Talmadge Block Party

P. O Box 600904 San Diego CA 92160-1582.

Community Projects Committee (CPC) Funding Request Form

Past Donation Recipients

2023 – Gem Coffee Neighborhood Cleanup, Talmadge Welcome Committee, Sharia’s Closet, San Diego Refugee Tutoring, San Diego Police Food Basket, San Diego Fire Department Food Gift Cards

2022 – Fay Elementary School, Sharia’s Closet, YMCA Strong Girls program, San Diego Police Food Basket, San Diego Fire Department Food Gift Cards

2019 – Talmadge Patrol, YMCA Strong Girls Program, Wilson Middle School, Wave Swim Team, Choral Club of San Diego, Talmadge Welcome Committee, Talmadge Community Council and San Diego Police Food Basket

2018 – Talmadge Patrol, YMCA Strong Girls Program,  SD Puppetry Guild, Franklin PTA, Diego Hills School Food Closet, -Police Food Basket. Talmadge Welcome, Hardy Elementary

2017- Police Basket, Talmadge Patrol, City Heights Music School, YMCA, Friends of Franklin, Talmadge Welcome.

2016- City Heights Music School, Talmadge Patrol, TCA, Welcome Team

2015 – Copley-Price YMCA, Edison Elementary School & Talmadge Community Assoc.

2014 – The Talmadge Patrol & Copley-Price YMCA

2013 – The Talmadge Patrol & Copley-Price YMCA

2012 – The Talmadge Patrol and Alley Lighting Project

2011 – The Talmadge Patrol

2010 – The Talmadge Patrol and Fay Elementary School

2009 – Talmadge Watch and Talmadge Neighborhood Watch

2008 – Rolando Park Special Needs Program

2007 – The Language Academy

2006 – Hardy Elementary School

2005 – Mann Middle School

2004 – Franklin Elementary School

2003 – Hoover High School

2002 – Jackson Elementary School